Tanzinterventionen - project in public spaces

with Juliana Hutai

An improvised intervention in public space through dance.

We drift through the urban space and explore ourselves and our being in the environment of the city. The choreographies are improvisations of what is there: us, our body and our experience. Together we want to beak down the boundaries of the urban and think anew. "Tanzinterventionen" is a series of dance interventions at different places. With each dance intervention the space is taken up more, the dancers get to know each other better and spaces of possibility are created.

music by Nicolas Engel  (song: Spin, album: HOme) www.nicolasengel.ch / film, cut, edit, by Anna Dahinden

music by Luzius Schuler  (song: Laub, album: moon is the oldest TV) www.luziusschuler.com / film, cut, edit, by Anna Dahinden

cut, edit, music by Anna Dahinden / spoken words by Juliana Hutai

cut, edit, music by Anna Dahinden

cut, edit, music by Anna Dahinden

project at the main station in Berlin, 2020 

photo credits © norahabdul.com

A Line That Is Not My Own - Dancing A Stone

anna dahinden performs the piece "A Line That Is Not My Own" played by the trio trombonist dahinden, pianist kleeb, electronic musician harris.

concept, film, cut, edit by a. dahinden / berlin, 2020

from postures to movements

gitschenen, switzerland, 2020

zug, switzerland, 2020

project with nicolas engel

berlin, germany, 2020