June 26th

performance with Emanuel Künzi (percussion) at Gitschenen, Switzerland

July 4th at Winterthur: gespiegelte Interaktionen

August 10th or 11th 

solo performance at quai pasa, Zug: gespiegelte Interaktionen

in Summer time performances in public space 


performance with Nicolas Engel at IDAateliers, Berlin




May 30th at Zürichtanzt 2021: gespiegelte Interaktionen


May 29th at Burgbachkeller, Zug with Luzius Schuler 

May 22th at KUNSTpause 2021 in Zug: gespiegelte Interaktionen 

12th of September

performance with Nicolas Engel at Theaterherbst, Greiz

31th of August

performance with Nicolas Engel at Quai Pasa/Galvanik, Zug

22th of August

performance at Berliner Kunstsommer with K. Bévand & S. Najih

31th of July

with Nicolas Engel



29th of February

with Nicolas Engel at Kleine Freiheit, 


different performances in public spaces as street artist