August 8th

gespiegelte Interaktionen with Emanuel Künzi in a Garden in Zug

August 10th or 11th 

solo performance at quai pasa, Zug: gespiegelte Interaktionen

in Summer time performances in public space 


performance with Nicolas Engel at IDAateliers, Berlin



June 26th

performance with Emanuel Künzi (percussion) at Gitschenen, Switzerland

May 30th at Zürichtanzt 2021: gespiegelte Interaktionen

May 29th at Burgbachkeller, Zug with Luzius Schuler 

May 22th at KUNSTpause 2021 in Zug: gespiegelte Interaktionen 

12th of September

performance with Nicolas Engel at Theaterherbst, Greiz

31th of August

performance with Nicolas Engel at Quai Pasa/Galvanik, Zug

22th of August

performance at Berliner Kunstsommer with K. Bévand & S. Najih

31th of July

with Nicolas Engel



29th of February

with Nicolas Engel at Kleine Freiheit,