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2023 September and October with Simon Berz and Noah Punkt at Kunstraum Aarau and tba in Berlin


2023 February 17, NOT AN ISLAND - IN KöRPERN GETRAGEN performance with Alex Herzog at Kunstraum Aarau

2022 November 26, RAUMBEZUG performance with Noah Punkt at Migros Museum 

2022 October 28, INTERVAL performance by Dora Durkesac with D. Durkesac, N. Punkt, T. Zimmermann at 3KlangTage


2022 October 7, city walks - performance in public space with Angela Stöcklin in Zürich 

2022 September 30 city walks - performance in public space with Angela Stöcklin in Winterthur 


2022 August 11, performance with Hildegard Kleeb, Roland Dahinden at the exhibition "Lichtzeiten" by Inge Dick at Landesmuseum Linz


2022 August 7, RAUMBEZUG performance with Noah Punkt at Gartenfest in Zug


2022 June 25, movement performance at Beinentag Gitschenen

2022 Mai 21, performance at Oswaldsgassenfest with George Marti

2022 Mai 14, performance with Simon Berz and Gabriel Obergfell at Walcheturm, Zürich

2022, Mai 13, solo performance "gespiegelte Interaktionen" at Tanzfest 2022 in Luzern

2022, Mai 14, solo performance "gespiegelte Interaktionen" at Tanzfest 2022 in Zug

2022, April 29, solo dance-performance "ich ass einen apfel" at Galvanik, Zug

2022, April 9, performance with Simon Berz for Ärzte ohne Grenzen in Zug

2022, March 12, performance with Emanuel Künzi: ONE SECOND MONSTER at Wabe, Basel

2021, December 22, dance-performance SHIFTED ERUPTION with Gabriel Obergfell, Simon Berz at Gewürzmühle, Zug

2021, August 10 solo performance at quai pasa, Zug: gespiegelte Interaktionen

2021, August 8, gespiegelte Interaktionen with Emanuel Künzi ONE SECOND MONSTER in a Garden in Zug

2021, August , festival retrospettiva with Simon Berz 

2021, June 26 performance with Emanuel Künzi (percussion) at Gitschenen, Switzerland

2021, May 30 at Zürichtanzt 2021: gespiegelte Interaktionen

2021, May 29 at Burgbachkeller, Zug with Luzius Schuler 

2021, May 22 at KUNSTpause 2021 in Zug: gespiegelte Interaktionen 

2020, September 12, performance with Nicolas Engel at Theaterherbst, Greiz

2020, August 31, performance with Nicolas Engel at Quai Pasa/Galvanik, Zug

2020, August 22, performance at Berliner Kunstsommer with K. Bévand & S. Najih

2020, July 31, with Nicolas Engel, privat, Bern

2020, February 29, with Nicolas Engel at Kleine Freiheit, Basel

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