Anna Dahinden is a Suisse artist and culture anthropologist, based in Berlin and Switzerland/Zug. Her performances aim to recreate and reinterpret rooms and their atmospheres. Based on her cultural anthropological background she is mainly interested in social interactions, interactive behaviour and their effect on transforming the experience of space. She explores and creates space in and around her by unfolding awareness through different media and aesthetics as movement, sound and architectural elements. As a performer she has taken part in different festivals as Berlin Summer Art 2020, Greizer Theaterfestival 2020, KUNSTpause 2021, Zürichtanzt 2021 and has regularly performed in public spaces as a street artist with different musicians and performers.  

She workes as a performer, visual artist, sound-producer, yoga- and movement-teacher.

Anna Dahinden studied cultural anthropology, media science and Iyengar Yoga. Her perspective on life as art is shaped by these fields.